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More work for SVT Agenda

1 Comment 29 March 2016

I filmed and edited a report about the colombian peace process for SVT Agenda. Here i’ts online.

Skärmavbild 2016-03-29 kl. 11.10.09


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News report for Aktuellt

0 Comments 07 January 2016

Yesterday Aktuellt broadcasted our piece about the Colombian peace process and the future for it’s internally displaced persons. Aktuellt is the most important news program on Swedish public television.

Aktuellt internflyktingar


Piece for Babel

0 Comments 28 April 2015

I filmed and edited a presentation on the Israeli writer Assaf Gavron. The piece was broadcasted a week ago for Babel at the Swedish television.

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1 Comment 03 February 2015

2014 was a very busy year because we were working non stop on our series about activism. It’s called Aktivismens tid (for UR and Kunskapskanalen) and was broadcasted October – December. The Swedish magazine ETC wrote an article about it.  We made some reports for SVT as well, for example for Agenda and Babel (hasn’t been broadcasted yet) and K-Special (hasn’t been broadcasted yet). Looking forward to 2015!

photoNasreen 2Guadalupe_pgm8_3Pnina_skarmis_1Julieta_skarmis_4Citlali_pgm2


Babel- MendozaK-special

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Report for the Swedish news program SVT Agenda

0 Comments 28 November 2014

We filmed and edited this piece when we where still in Guerrero, Mexico. The state of Guerrero is where 43 students went missing and probably killed in September 2014 by police and local gangs.

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0 Comments 10 December 2013

I’ve had two great months in the U.S. and in Mexico working on two television series for the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR), one about the Spanish speaking world and one about activism.  With only one week left before flying back to Sweden, I’ve put down the camera and started the process of editing the Spanish language series. The television series about activism will not be broadcasted until October and with many reports left to shoot for that one, I’ll wait with the editing until May.

The photos from left to right: Miami for the Spanish language series, Temalacatzingo, Mexico for the series about activism, NYC for the series about activism, and New Hampshire for the series about activism.


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I founded a TV production company

0 Comments 21 August 2013

I founded a production company together with journalist and visual anthropologist Tigran Feiler. Our production company is called Malavista.

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One more report for Kobra

0 Comments 30 May 2013

This report was on the theme Post Turism on this weeks Kobra. I filmed the report in April and it’s about a theme park in Mexico where turists can pretend to be an illegal migrant crossing the border to the U.S. Watch it!

Kobra is the premier and longest running arts and culture feature show of SVT, Swedish National Television.

Kobra Post-turism El Pancho


Report for Arena

0 Comments 27 April 2013


I wrote a report for the current issue of the Swedish magazine Arena about the controversial Marlin mine in Guatemala and the Swedish investments made there.

Update: Now online

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